Laser Treatments


ACNE Treatment

LaserQs Clinic offers IPL (intense pulsed light) is one of the most effective treatments with crystal freeze technology to make the acne disappear. Improve overall texture & tone for your skin and gain your confidence back with just few treatments. A gentle treatment with no down time, non invasive that will calm & reduce active acne and less side effects than oral medication.

ACNE Formation

There are three different types of acne; Acne Vulgaris, Acne Conglobate and Acne Rosacea. Acne consequences from a change within the manner in which keratin is laid down within the hair follicle, with the keratin becoming denser, and blocking the secretion of sebum. This produces a sterile inflammatory reaction, and a resultant plugging of the follicle inflicting a whitehead (closed comedone).


Acne is likewise due to by the body’s production of hormone androgen (produced with the aid of both ladies and men), which stimulates the sebacous glands to produces additional oil. The increased production of oil reasons the pore to emerge as blocked therefore, that the oil cannot come up to the skin’s surface. The other thing acne is an infection because of skin bacterium propionbacterium acne, pacnes that feeds on and breaks down oil. As the bacteria multiplies, all waste products and sebaceous acid are created and irritate the sebaceous glands, which turns into inflamed causing a blackhead (open comedone), nodule or pimple.

Skin Rejuvenation / Pigmentation Therapy

Pigmentation is the treatment of skin that has an uneven skin tone due to solar lentings (sunspots), age spots, Ephelies (freckles) and Mottled Hyper-pigmentation. This treatment fades and eliminates the excess pigmentation restoring the skin to an uneven clearer tone. This treatment will also refresh the complexion in addition to giving a collagen boost within the skin.

Beauty Treatment
Thread Vein Removal

Thread veins are very tiny blood vessels that run close to the surface of the skin and appear like fine red, or sometimes purple, wiggly lines. They are also called ‘broken veins’ or ‘spider veins ‘, though the veins are not in fact broken however, only slightly enlarged and the medical term for them is Telangiectasia-small thread veins. Campbell Morgan spots can also remove from the skin with LaserQs Clinic.

Wrinkle Reduction

LaserQs wrinkle reduction is a treatment of the skin to give you the maximum collagen boost to push out even the deepest lying wrinkles. This is an effective way to reduce the aesthetic impact of enlarged pores, light and deep wrinkles and sun damage. Wrinkles reduction treatment provides you a natural way to boost collagen with long lasting results and good for your skin without using any needles. This treatment is to be performed using RF IPL machine only for skin resurfacing and more serious skin problems. 

Laser Hair Removal

If you are tired with alternative treatments, Shaving & waxing then laser is the best option for you. Our latest technology laser machine normally treats unwanted hair within 4-6 sections. Average number of treatments depends on many factors including hair & skin type, rate of regrowth and system used. When we deal with an area all hair growth stages are targeted however most effective hair in the anagen (growth) stage can be treated efficaciously as that is where the hair is attached to the blood supply and is most likely to be destroyed. The hairs can be this stage at any one time. The range of hairs within the anagen stage at any one time varies from 10%-70% depending on the body site. Therefore, we would recommend 3-6 treatments with 4-8 weeks intervals for best results.

The range of hairs within the anagen section at any one time varies from 10%-70% relying at the body website. Therefore, we would propose 3-6 treatments with 4-8 weeks duration for fine effects.

Facial Hair Removal

Sometimes people think that laser hair removal cannot be done on the face. Maybe the skin’s too delicate and the closeness to the eyes is an issue. This is not true; at LaserQs Clinic we have the latest lasers technology, offering the finest wavelength for laser hair removal anywhere on the body including the face.

Here is the detail of causes and benefits for women excess hair growth, when it comes to facial laser hair removal; most women have unwanted hair on their face usually on the upper lip or the sideburn area. Around 20 million females remove their facial hair at least once a week and excess hair growth can be a side effect of the changing hormones that come with aging and dark hair also known as terminal hair. The other cause of female facial hair growth is hirsutism that is not a normal and caused by an overproduction of androgens by the ovaries or the adrenal gland including certain medications such as oral contraceptives etc.

Charming & bright face is the name of beauty and shaving the face is man’s game. Permanently reduce hair with laser on the upper lip, sideburns, chin and neck is the right solution. Additionally, waxing and using depilatory creams does not sound like much fun on gentle facial skin. Laser hair (IPL) removal leaves skin soft, smooth and supple. Laser hair removal is a safe and easy procedure. Removing that facial hair at LaserQs Clinic is the answer.

LaserQs clinic offer for men facial laser hair removal with completely peace of mind safe and easy treatment procedure. Males are supposed to really love dragging a sharp iron blade around their cheeks, upper lip and chin continuously every morning, right? Wrong. Daily shaving is a really hard task for men in their busy lifestyle and the presence of modern technology. Therefore, many males are having LaserQs Clinic for full beard, jaw, neckline, back of the neck; full body laser and other treatments put our clinic as a leading laser to work on their facial hair. No more additional ingrowing hairs and end the daily grind of shaving. No extra paying a fortune for razor blades and remove 85% to 90% of the hair permanently. Your skin will be more better, soft facial skin, no extra dry and tortured skin.

Ingrown Hair Treatment

LaserQs Clinic offers treatment for ingrowing hair with the latest laser system. Sometimes, ingrowing hairs can be annoying and painful. These hairs also leave behind dark spots and scars. In our LaserQs Clinic facility, our clients can eradicate their ongoing struggle with ingrowing hair. Ingrowing hairs are elements of hair that re-enter the skin while growing back in being shaved, waxed, or then temporarily removed.


In this situation it is not the growing in process that makes an ingrowing hair problematic. It is that the hair might get trapped somehow (mostly curly or rough hair) and the tissue around it also becomes inflamed. An ingrowing hair can also cause painful signs like itching, papules, which are small and solid bumps. Ingrowing hairs can become rooted underneath the skin, redness or hyperpigmentation and pustules, or small bumps filled fluids. Sometimes, might a doctor need to treat this condition with antibiotics or by physically removing the problematic hair.

According, to the experts sometimes grooming of the hair on the face, head or body can lead to ingrowing hairs. Therefore, experts recommend that removal procedures, which pull hair from follicles, such as tweezing, may increase the risk for abnormal growth. So, the pattern of hair growth and types of the hair itself also present risk. Usually males tend to get ingrowing hairs on the cheeks, chin, and neck as well as men who regularly shave their head or other body areas can also get ingrowing hairs in these spaces. Females can get ingrowing hairs in the chin and neck area, the armpits, the bikini and legs.


Anybody who experiences recurrent ingrowing hairs could be a right candidate for laser hair removal. Laser treatment can achieve long lasting results because laser light energy disables hair follicles and they are not any more productive. Lasers treatment achieved permanently affect with no more hair growth cycles because laser is a systematic way of treating unwanted hair to get semi permanent results. Before you start your treatment, one of the experienced members will explain everything to you according to your skin type and patch test result.   


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