Client Diaries


Very professional staff, excellent customer service and after care. Extremely happy with my treatment and hope to purchase further packages in the near future.


Putting up with years of breakouts (acne) was enough and the scaring hmmm awful. However I met up with the staff at LASERQ CLINIC, After analysing skin and doing a patch test they introduced me to one of the recommended treatment suited to my condition it has clearly gave me some good results 1st time round. Thank you


Amazing place, Friendly and helpful staff and very good at what they do. Great Results


Two of my daughter's visit the clinic to get laser done. One of my daughter has down syndrome but doesn't have any health problems that would prevent her from getting laser done, the people here were very professional and understanding about her. The lasers they use don't hurt and the results are very impressive.


I visited LaserQs Clinic for my beard line and acne treatment; the staff at the clinic is well trained, professional and my treatments have been very effective and safe. The staffs are very knowledgeable and clear about the process. Highly recommended


Had 4 sessions done on back off neck and very happy so far with results. Recommends,


Have just had my 1st round of laser hair removal treatment on my back and it went well the staff are great very helpful. Highly recommend this of anyone's thinking. I've always had a hairy back to the point of mistaking me for a gorilla but hopefully that will be no more.


The staff was really amazing. The LaserQs Clinic treatment results have been excellent and I also improve my confidence after my face treatment.


Excellent service from LaserQs Clinic. Really friendly and warm welcoming service. Currently having Laser done with them and they have done nothing but go above and beyond for me.

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